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Supply Chain Planning

We will begin with the acquisition of documents. The project discovery will commence with concept analysis which will set the tone for the procurement and logistics strategy. The dedicated team will begin curating a unique strategy which will be a combination of procurement and logistics. Upon identifying and drawing out the plan we can move to build the Bill of Quantities for phase 1 of the masterplan.

Bill of Quantities / Budget

The preparation of the bill of quantities will be in line with the information on the hotel brand standards, par levels, rooms and public area matrix, overall scope and exclusions. At this crucial stage,the team will build a budget for the masterplan in line with the supply chain strategy, considering the impact of any freight, import duties, insurance, and warehousing,etc.

Sourcing Channels

We identify suitable suppliers and manufacturers from our global database that will be tailored to your company’s project and sustainability requirements. In addition, we will prepare a list of bidding and purchasing priorities and recommend spare stock quantities for budget consideration. The pre-qualification center will be considered the main hub of approved suppliers and manufacturers for every trade of products accessible to the procurement management team tasked with the project.

Transfer of Knowledge

In cooperation with institutions, whether governmental or private we will develop a detailed program and objectives with forecasts of new jobs allocation. We are committed to creating competitive leadership. The goal of the transfer of knowledge is to get across to you and your team the Procurement Know-how, Supply Chain Know-how, and Logistics Know-how. We do all this to help you build a sustainable process model that you can implement across your
business channels.






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Supply Chain

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