Have you heard of “The Line”?!

09 Mar Have you heard of “The Line”?!

Part of the Saudi Vision 2030, “The Line” is a 170 km smart city, aiming at reshaping the city life. The city boasts a number of environmental, mobility, and technological innovation that will be at the heart of the city.

Firstly, the city aims at being completely carbon neutral. In fact no cars will be present in the city. The goal is that everything one needs should be a measly 5 minute walk away. The city also aims to be completely integrated with nature and power itself purely on clean energy. This having benefits for the environment and all residents health. 


Secondly, the infrastructure below the city will be state of the art. It will include a service layer and a spine layer, containing “ultra high speed transit” and “next generation freight”. Transit times are said to be therefore a maximum of 20 minutes.


Lastly, the city admires to be a technological feat, with AI implemented whenever viable and helpful. It aims to constantly improve in this manner and always push to innovate.


“The Line” by NEOM is just starting now but may soon be the city of tomorrow, where sustainability, technology and innovation combine.


If you would like to learn more visit: https://www.neom.com/en-us/regions/whatistheline