Hotel Procurement – The New Approach!

11 May Hotel Procurement – The New Approach!

The construction sector going through a rapid growth, according to the Dubai Statistic Centre – In 2014, 7.89% of Dubai’s GDP was a testament to the construction sector. In the widely expanding tourism sector, DTCM data shows Dubai hotels earn an astonishing 2 billion AED every month. New Hotel’s and Resorts are evidently opening across the region. This only increases the need for trustworthy, reputable Hotel Procurement companies in the UAE. For hoteliers there seems to be a growing concern of the transparency. During the Annual Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC), Procurement Manager, Tarek Dajani tells MEED that being an ISO certified company ensures that FEBC International offer developers a sense of comfort. “It is vital that developers understand the role of a procurement firm is to offer efficient solutions, rather than cut costs and over charge. Transparency plays a big role in this, and as such, we have found that ISO certification is a step in the right direction”.

Tarek goes on to say, “Companies must offer a wide scope of sourcing solutions, “something that can only be done if the firm has a real presence across a number of geographies”.

FEBC International has headquarters in Dubai and offices in Asia and Europe, Our international team has a global presence in key hospitality market locations.

Our Hospitality procurement experts come from a variety of countries worldwide. With a wealth of experience in manufacturing, construction, project management, engineering, and financial services. Working with the worlds most experienced Hotel operators to deliver the most luxurious hotels in the world. We are expanding rapidly to deliver our procurement services to meet the global rise in tourism and construction.

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