Hotel Statistics: February 2019 Infographic

27 Feb Hotel Statistics: February 2019 Infographic

The hospitality sector is rapidly expanding to cater to consumer desires. Whether its technological advanced through artificial intelligence other innovative solutions. There are a wealth of options available for hoteliers in the global hotel industry. This increase in demand provides a wealth of opportunity for, but not limited to Hotel Procurement Companies, Interior Designers and Suppliers and Manufacturers. 

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The Rove Hotel – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“European cities saw exceptional hotel performance in 2017. Almost all the cities in this latest forecast are expected to see further growth in 2018 and 2019. Strong demand has propelled some into the spotlight yet again; others have moved up or down the growth rankings. In 2018. Porto leads the growth pack with just over 10% RevPAR growth anticipated; Amsterdam and Lisbon could see around 7% RevPAR growth and further robust gains are expected in Prague, Milan and Paris. Geneva and Rome are also forecast to see some moderate growth, but the pace is expected to slow in London in 2018. Paris has shown sustained recovery and shares the top spot in 2019 with Lisbon, with around 6.5% RevPAR growth expected for both cities.”

Source: Econometric forecast PwC 2018 Benchmarking data: STR 2018



The Radisson Blu – Andermatt, Switzerland