Hyatt to open six new hotels in Africa by 2020

12 Nov Hyatt to open six new hotels in Africa by 2020

US Hotel operator and investor Hyatt Hotels & Resorts will open six new hotels in Africa by 2020, the company said in a news release earlier this month.

The news released said that the company will open its first properties in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Senegal and Algeria, as well as opening two new hotels in Morocco and Tanzania, where the company already has a presence.

Hyatt is looking for more opportunities to expand in East Africa, it said, citing continued government investment in infrastructure, an expanding middle class and a growing international recognition of the region’s stability.

The new hotels will double Hyatt’s presence in Africa. Potential countries for further expansion could include Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Ghana and Ivory Coast, Hyatt said.

There was 11 percent growth in Sub-Saharan African tourism in the past year, the company said, citing the UN World Tourism Organisation. The first half of 2017 saw a 14 percent year-on-year increase in international arrivals in East Africa.