FEBC at IHIF Berlin | The meeting of Global Collaboration

07 Mar FEBC at IHIF Berlin | The meeting of Global Collaboration

IHIF  – Hotel Investment Forum Berlin 6/8 MARCH 2017


The three day event, attended by over 2,000 hospitality and tourism decision-makers from over 70 countries.

IHIF attracts a very senior gathering and among them nearly every major hotel chain CEO, influential global tourism ministers and the largest group of investors and hotel owners.

FEBC IHIF BerlinDuring the Forum we talking about:

Economic uncertainty: the macro backdrop for the hospitality industry in the ahead;

The world economy is doing better.

Trump’s fiscal stimulus should provoke faster rises in US interest rates; this could lead to a stronger dollar.

The euro zone economy is looking stronger but acute political worries in france and italy and debt concerms in greece.

The uk will weather brexit well.

Higher interest rate will probably be absorbed confortably by the equity and commercial property markets.


Alessandro Tedesco | Chief at FEBC

Laura Chico Arias | Business Development Manager at FEBC