Our Value

Simplified Process, Unique Results 

Sole provider of ISO Certified Hospitality Procurement services.

We at febc are pleased to announce that we are the sole provider of ISO Certified Hospitality Procurement services worldwide.

The febc team was positioned to bring technological, economical and social improvements to the company. In doing so we managed to obtain several ISO Certifications with accreditations of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 28000 and OHSAS 18001.

This task was challenging and exciting and has not only helped us achieve a huge milestone but strengthened our collaboration to become a stronger close-knit group.


In establishing these high standards that come with being ISO certified, we have revolutionized new approaches to the Hospitality Procurement Management Services, listed certifications as follows.

Becoming the first ISO certified procurement consultants worldwide in our industry is key to the evolution of our business model. It has delivered a clear message that our work is structured, consistent and flexible.


25+ years of experience in Hospitality Procurement.
Comprehensive experience with almost all the international hotel operator brand


Long-standing track record in hotels, serviced apartments and residences.
50.000+ units serviced worldwide


Efficient and Transparent procurement process using our unique in-house software, FEBC procure.
In excess of 25% savings on all of our projects without ever compromising the quality, design integrity or timeline of our projects.


Worldwide Offices completed projects in over 25+ countries with direct access to 1,500+ trusted and pre-qualified suppliers.

Inspired by purpose

In order to mantain and grow our client base, we must continue to deliver on our promises and consistenly improve on the quality and cost effectiveness of our service.


We achive an average 21.22% saving across all of our projects.


Our added value enabled us to deliver an average of 23.48% saving on the projects we completed in 2012.


2013 was a good year for FEBC as we delivered a 25.13% saving across all of our projects.


As the number of projects incesed so did the value we add to our clients with 26.40% saving across all of our projects.


We introduced innovative solutions to our service which proved beneficial with 27.68% saving across all of our projects.


Our culture maintains the importance of continuous growth and improvement. 2016 showed this as we delivered an increase in savings to our clients projects 27.72%.