Pre-Opening Team

Owners are looking for cost effective solutions for optimizing pre-opening budget and payroll. In comes our team of hospitality pre-opening experts. We will effectively plan and execute the critical path in line with your brand standards and SOP’s, whilst ensuring that any project delays will have minimal impact on your pre-opening payroll.

Critical Path Development

The key stage of critical path development and implementation is based on target timelines to handover.  We prioritize the activities or red flags from the operators. We review the status on monthly bases (the frequency of the critical path reviews might increase towards the opening stage). We monitor the actual development and tasks completion as per the opening schedule and notify the Client/ Operator for any shortfalls.

Brand Standards Specification

The Operator provides detailed specifications for all the areas of the Hotel. We then assist to implement the initiative, hence providing detailed specs by using past and current project experience with our team to prepare and record the brand standards specifications.

Standards Operating Procedures Manual

Development of the standards operating procedures aligned to the brand standards received from the Operator. The SOP manuals are developed accordingly to the division’s standards, category and best practises based on the hotel’s structure. The Client / Operator approve and finalize the manuals and also advise if any additional preferred SOP’s are required.


Provide the client with all reports. We then provide the operator with manuals, warranties, flame retardant certificates, service agreements, etc., and strikes a final budget analysis plus report bottom line savings to the Client.






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Supply Chain

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