febc rebrands and aims to better communicate its philosophy

06 Dec febc rebrands and aims to better communicate its philosophy

Today, febc international launched its latest rebrand.

Bringing together over 25 years of heritage, experience and passion, the company has proudly announced that it is rebranding to better communicate its ethos with employees, stakeholders and clients.

All businesses eventually face the need to change direction, brand and message. At febc international, we didn’t feel a need to change anything, just make it clearer,” says Tarek Dajani, communications and brand manager at FEBC International.

Speaking about the company’s latest rebrand, Dajani goes on to say: “our mission, values and brand is clear, our clients and partners are now able to understand better what febc international is about and how we use our philosophy of consulting craft over commodity sourcing.”

For Dajani, it was all about, “implementing the culture of febc international into an identity that matches everything we stand for as an organisation. The vision needed to differentiate itself, connect with our customers and inspire our team.”

Since its establishment in 1989, febc international has aimed to offer clients a holistic approach to hotel procurement, not just simply a way to procure FF&E and OS&E. While this has been part of the company’s DNA, more recently the company has decided to rebrand and ensure this message is clear to all current and future clients.

The best company names and logos have stories behind them. These stories help the brand create a more accurate reflection of who they are. Experts in the communication industry have previously said that companies need to be more specific rather than focusing on the big picture. And febc didn’t want to make the same mistake by not concentrating on what makes them unique and special to customers. “Our new brand represents the simple, straight forward and experienced way we do things,” says Dajani.

Procurement firms around the world too often depend on long-term contracts with a handful of clients, leaving them detached from global trends and the latest market developments. The rebranding of febc has been carried out to ensure it does not follow suit. The rebranding process is not simply a new logo, new website and marketing collateral, “What makes us stand out from all our competitors? Our brand is the way our clients perceive us. Our aim is to make our clients feel that they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience working with us.”, Dajani says sitting in the company’s offices in Dubai’s Jumeriah Lake Towers area.

The rebranding of febc also includes a new platform for industry news, analysis and infographs that clients and those in the hospitality industry can use free of charge. In addition, our scope of services has extended to offer Turnkey Supply, Fitout Joinery works and Branding Services. febc international wants to be a platform for the industry, not just a company operating within the procurement world,” says Dajani.

The company’s new look isn’t something that has happened over night, nor is it a surprise to many of the company’s closest clients. And because Dajani believes that at the centre of the rebrand is better communication with customers and clients, the conception and execution process “had to involve every single member of the febc team and our valued clients”. And with a series of informal and formal conversations, with past and existing partners that have been part of the febc journey, the company’s in-house branding team were able to come up with the future image of the company.

Dajani also adds that the rebranding was just as much about the company’s own staff than it is about external stakeholders. “A period of considerable growth and technological advancements was not reflected as much as we would have liked. The rapid growth of the organisation needed further direction. Our vision is to be the most successful procurement consultant in the world and that is now understood by every member of our team.”