The ins and outs of FF&E and OS&E hotel procurement, an interview with Laura Chico Arias.

01 Nov The ins and outs of FF&E and OS&E hotel procurement, an interview with Laura Chico Arias.

1.) What are potential clients looking for when hiring an FF&E and OS&E procurement company for a project in London?

Clients tend to have the same needs across the globe. Besides trustworthiness, adaptability and professionalism, they seek ‘value for money’. Quality that matches design intent at the most competitive prices and terms.

2.) Is there a big difference in the OS&E and FF&E procurement approach taken by hoteliers in London and Dubai?

OS&E will always require supervision by hotel operators and FF&E by interior designers or architects. The need to fluently work together as a team is a worldwide necessity, especially when the goal is to add value to the client. Nonetheless, I have noticed that Middle Eastern clients tend to opt for our ‘’Procurement Management Services’’, when Europeans prefer to employ ‘’Supply & Install’’ services. It is likely that the most dominant reason behind this variance lies in the fact that local projects tend to be smaller in size.

3.) What creative solutions can you offer companies seeking an effective hospitality procurement solution for their project?

A Wealth of Choice: Our software febcProcure makes the procurement process incredibly effective. We have a database of over 1500 pre-qualified suppliers that can be accessed at the click of a button.

  • Value Engineering: Some of our team come from Trading and Manufacturing backgrounds. They have travelled the world and discovered the very best suppliers and manufacturers at cost-effective prices.
  • No need to subcontract: Our in-house site managers can be deployed to any project when required.
  • Design Capabilities: Some members of our team also have interior design backgrounds which adds tremendous value to the FF&E procurement services.
  • Software Capabilities: Our team are also adept at using systems such as AutoCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.