The Oberoi, Al Zorah

Location Ajman, UAE  –  2016/2017

Our Value

The Chief Executive Officer of Al Zorah Develop-ment said “febc was engaged in the Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah in Ajman, UAE as our procurement consultants for the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E). We Ac-knowledge that febc handled the project very proffession-ally and we were very im-pressed with their response time and attention to detail. They fulfilled our require-ment in procurement directly from factories in Europe through their Italian office at very competitive rates.

Their Dubai office attended to the deliveries on site and super-vision of installation when necessary. We felt that they were the best consultant on site and would not hesitate to use febc on any of our future projects.”

“We felt they were the best consultant On site and would not hesitate to use febc on any of our future projects”

Chief Executive Officer Al Zorah Developments


febc provided the client with an array of European manufac-turers of brand repute, a detailed bid analysis and recommen-dations. We negotiated successfully on the client’s behalf with the appointed manufacturers. We managed to work closely with the client and were able to get full co-operation from their technical team that enabled us to squeeze the workload to within acceptable timeline. We carried out pre-production inspections and pre-shipment inspections.


Contracted for a Procurement Management Consultancy for FF&E and Outdoor furniture febc engaged a number of sup-pliers and manufacturers from few countries to obtain the best possible quality for the client. Our team was engaged in thor-oughly checking the FF&E specification packages and interior design drawings issued by Lissoni, and the architectural lay-outs.

Value added

We delivered the scope of our contracted services on time and were able to further extend our availability to as-sist the client by carrying out interior design and QS duties where needed. Soft opening was on time and the hotel is a major success in the area. febc needed to select all FF&E items meeting the interior design specs, Oberoi’s brand standards and subsequently obtain final approval of the client. febc was required to final-ize all the procurement processes within budget limitation, deliver and handover all goods to Oberoi within the speci-fied timeline. All the furniture was to be sourced directly from factories in Europe.

Client Sustainability requirements

Even though the client did not express a sustainability concern, febc has assured a controlled and monitored production schedule according to the FSC International Recommendations.