Top hiking destinations in the world

26 Jun Top hiking destinations in the world

Hiking is becoming an increasingly popular activity for all types of tourists. Travelling around the world is becoming easier and more desirable with destinations offering a wealth of options and airline tickets becoming more affordable. In addition, at a time where the population is paying more attention to keeping healthy there are obvious health benefits from hiking.

In 2008 it was estimated that 29 million travelers went hiking/backpacking. In 2017 we are seeing that the number of people hiking has shot up to 47 million. An average increase of 2 million hikers every year. (Statista 2018). Some of the popular destinations are:


Inca trail – Peru 

The typical Inca Trail to Machu Pichu takes hikers around 4 days. The trek is rated as reasonable and any person that is moderately fit should be able to do it, this is not to say that it isn’t challenging.




Grand Canyon hike Arizona – USA

This round trip takes between 4-6 days on average. A popular time to do this hike in the best conditions is between September – October and at times April – May. Along the way there are stunning both rims and rivers. It is said to be one of the ultimate explorations on earth. Experiencing the multicolours views of the Colorado Plateau alone is mind blowing in itself.




Mount Everest Hike – Nepal

This list would not feel right without including Earth’s highest mountain and one of the most challenging hikes in the world – Mount Everest. Everest is the ultimate adventure for any passionate hiker.





Ruwenzori Range, Uganda

This hike is in the stunning country of Uganda. These mountains make up the record range in Africa at 16,000+ feet. Some of the things that you can encounter during this hike are high altitude glaciers and elephants.The journey itself takes between 6-7 days and is approximately 38 Miles.